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goldfinch builds and serves websites written in markdown and/or mycomarkup files via an SQLite database. I made it to replace my old static site generator so it primarily exists for my own use, though feel free to use or modify it however you want.


Pages in the content folder are rendered to markdown and saved in an SQLite database. All pages take a default template but will use other templates based on the root directory. For example, if you make “blog” folder and a “blog.html” template, all pages in the folder will the template of the same name.

Visiting the URL for any root folder will display a generated list of pages that it contains, excluding pages marked as unlisted or private.

A special “/tags” route exists to list all the tags used and how many pages each one is used on. Clicking on a tag will list all associated pages.

Multiple RSS feeds can be generated based on folders.

Visit the the wiki for more information on usage.


goldfinch requires the following packages:

git clone