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goldfinch builds and serves websites written in markdown and/or mycomarkup files via an SQLite database. I made it to replace my old static site generator so it primarily exists for my own use, though feel free to use or modify it however you want.


  • Generate HTML pages from markdown or mycomarkup
  • Auto generated index pages
  • Templates using Go's template engine
  • Unlisted and private (protected by URL token) pages
  • Tags
  • RSS feeds

Pages in the content folder are rendered to markdown and saved in an SQLite database. All pages take a default template but will use other templates based on the root directory. For example, if you make "blog" folder and a "blog.html" template, all pages in the folder will the template of the same name.

Visiting the URL for any root folder will display a generated list of pages that it contains, excluding pages marked as unlisted or private.

A special "/tags" route exists to list all the tags used and how many pages each one is used on. Clicking on a tag will list all associated pages.

Multiple RSS feeds can be generated based on folders.

Visit the the wiki for more information on usage.


goldfinch requires the following packages: